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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Four Things to Do for Your Skin Before Bed

Negligence and laziness are the two worst enemies of your skin. If you do not take care of your face, you are bound to end up with a dull complexion, pimple breakouts, blemishes and wrinkles.  

I have a very simple before-bed beauty regime for you guys. I am myself a very a lazy person and cannot get into the hassle of cleansing, toning and putting on face masks every day. So, all you have to do is follow these four easy steps every night and your pampered skin with glow every morning :).

1. Remove Make-up

Foundation, eye-shades, eye-liner, blush-on, face powder and even a moisturiser which you applied in the morning should be washed off before you go to bed. If you sleep with your make-up on, it will end up clogging your pores. This is how those ugly zits, blackheads and blemishes appear on your face overnight.

Moreover, some make-up products contain ingredients which are harsh for the skin. Do not keep your skin exposed to this stuff all night. So, even if you are wearing a thin liner, it needs to be taken off.

Simply washing with water will not help, specially for oil-based make-up products. At least in my experience I have never been able to take off my make up with water and face wash alone. Eye make-up is particularly hard to get rid of completely. So, you need a proper make-up remover. It is a product which is specially designed for this purpose and is not harsh on the skin.

Recommended: Nivea Visage Eye-Make Up Remover. You will find many other good removers in the market, but this is what I use and I am very happy with it. I know it is an "eye-make-up" remover, but I use it on the whole face. Being designed for the sensitive skin of the eyes, it is gentle on the rest of the face as well.

2. Wash!

Make-up or no make-up, you do need to wash your face every night before going to bed. Even after using a make-up remover, some make-up residues are still left which need to be washed off. Plus, you also need to get rid of the chemical-based remover. So, simply wash your face with your favourite face wash. I use the age-old clean & clear face wash. It is mild, gentle and removes grease and dirt really well.

If you sleep without washing your face, all the grease and dirt is going to clog your pores and bacteria will also accumulate on your skin. Result: pimple breakouts and blackheads.

3. Moisturise

A face moisturiser is a must every night after washing your face. If you do not moisturise, you are going to end up with wrinkles. Plus, your skin will also start developing dry patches.

While you moisturise your face, do not neglect your neck. A wrinkly neck never looks pretty.

Similarly, do not forget your lips and your hands. You need different products though. Face, neck and lips can be covered by your face moisturiser (yes I put on a face lotion on my lips as well), but it is too mild for the hands. You need a proper body lotion or cream for this purpose.

It is better to use a moisturiser which contains vitamin E. Check the ingredients of your product. If it contains anything called tocopherol, that means you are putting vitamin E on your face :). This vitamin is great for fighting the signs of early ageing, like wrinkles, dark spots etc.

Recommended: Olay's Night Firming Cream. This cream really makes your skin feel pampered and rejuvenated. It shows visible results within a few days.

4. Put on your Eye Cream

Even though you have moisturised your face, the sensitive skin around your eyes needs special care. In addition to preventing fine wrinkles around the eyes, an eye cream also deals with dark circles. It also prevents puffiness which we often wake up with in the morning due to late nights.

Recommended: Olay Age Defying Eye Gel. To find out more about the product, click here.

So here you go. Your entire beauty regime will be complete in ten minutes. This is all it will take to remove your make-up, wash, moisturise and put on an eye cream :). No hassle and no laziness at all.

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