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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Silk 'n Sleek - Smooth 'n Shine Polishing Serum for Hair

A couple of years back I was searching for a shine serum for my hair, but I never found one. If ever I did chance upon such a product, it used to be way too expensive. But today, thankfully, there are a number of shine serums on the market which are also comparatively affordable.

I chose Silk 'n Sleek which is a shine polisher as well as a heat protector. In other words, it protects your hair from heat when you use a straightener or blow dryer. At the same time, it gives your hair an intense shine after the heat treatment.

118 ml Bottle of Silk 'n Sleek Smooth 'n Shine Polishing Serum


Silk 'n Sleek is made in USA by Schwarzkopf & Henkel - a very famous name associated with hair products.  So, other than its affordability, this was one of the reasons why I did not hesitate buying this product.

The bottle in the picture contains 118 ml of the serum. It is a clear, viscous liquid which is easy to apply on the hair. The liquid comes out by pressing the cap open.
Press the cap open to pour the viscous liquid out

 Exotic Oils and Amino Acids

The bottle says that exotic oils and amino acids are the constituents of this serum. As your hair are naturally made of protein, these amino acids (constituents of proteins) will protect your hair from damage when you use heat frequently.

The exotic oils will condition your hair and will prevent them from getting brittle after use of straighteners, blow dryers and electric curlers.

How to Use

Use your fingertips to apply the liquid to your hair prior to heat treatment. It can be applied on wet or dry hair both. For hair which are too coarse or frizzy, you can also give a little touch after heat styling for a glossy and fine finish.

 My Own Experience

 I only used Silk 'n Sleek a couple of times as I did not get the results I wanted :(. Instead of looking shiny, my hair were left looking greasy.

Well, I should let you know first that my hair are naturally thin and straight. Maybe that's the reason why this serum made them greasy instead of glossy.

The product is only meant for coarse hair which are frizzy or curly. While my hair will be protected from heat damage, they will also become limp and oily. All those with my hair type (straight and thin) can still use Silk 'n Sleek to create a glamourous wet look.

Why You Should Buy Silk 'n Sleek

 Although I did not get the desired results for my hair type, I still suggest that you try the product yourself due to the following reasons.
  • If you want a sleek look for your coarse, frizzy or curly hair, the serum is meant just for you.
  • It is affordable and, therefore, worth giving a try.
  • Silk 'n Sleek is a reliable product as it is made by a renowned company - Schwarzkopf & Henkel.
  • The 118 ml bottle is small and handy. You can carry it in your bag while travelling for a vacation or to attend a wedding.
  • Its a good product for creating a wet look.

Why Silk 'n Sleek is NOT Recommended

Yes, despite the above mentioned pros, I do not recommed the product due to the following reasons. It was just a waste of money for me :(... (Thank God it wasn't too expensive).
  • Do not buy Silk 'n Sleek if you already have naturally straight and thin hair.
  • The serum makes your hair look more greasy than glossy. Maybe coarse hair will look better (but I can't say that with surety).
  • Your hands get too messy with the viscous liquid. The liquid is transferred to your dryer and straightener as well. So the whole process of styling gets messy. A serum which can be sprayed on your hair will be a better option.

You can give Silk 'n Sleek a try. While for me, the search for a shine and heat protecting serum still continues :).

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