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Friday, 9 August 2013

Your Guide to Online Shopping

Yes, we all love to go out and shop. But some of us ( myself included) prefer to shop from the comfort of our home. It is so easy to just log on to the internet and browse through all the shopping sites.

Online shopping in Pakistan has now become really easy with numerous impressive shopping websites which offer you facilities like free delivery and cash on delivery.

Here I will tell you about the benefits of preferring online shopping, what you need to be careful about and what are some of the online shopping sites worth paying a visit to. 

Benefits of Online Shopping

So, here are the benefits of online shopping.

 Browsing Multiple Sites from Home

Whether you want to shop for cosmetics, clothes or jewellery, you can browse through multiple websites without going out. No driver needed! :) So, you wouldn't have to beg your brother, husband or dad to take you out. Isn't it annoying when you have to hurry through the stores because your impatient bro or hubby is waiting outside?

On the other hand, with online shopping, you can take all the time in the world to look through stuff and finally select what you want.

Free Delivery

Most Pakistani shopping websites offer free delivery right to your home. You do not have to pay for any shipment charges either. I am not say that all shopping websites offer this facility, but the best ones do! ;)

Payment Options

You get several payment options, including credit cards, bank transfer, Easy Paisa and so on. But my favorite option is "Cash on Delivery". You do not have to pay until the product is delivered to you. On delivery, check out the item properly and pay only if you are satisfied with it. If you find any fault with it, you can simply send the delivery guy back ;)

Fun Window Shopping - Compare Products and Prices

Even if there isn't anything specific you want to buy, it is still a fun "window shopping" experience. Every product is displayed in pictures. Some websites even offer reviews, particularly in the case of expensive electronics and gadgets like cell phones.

So, it is a delightful way to pass your time checking out different products - cosmetics, jewellery, clothes, gadgets and much more. It is really fun; you will be lost in the charming photos of the stuff you like :)

Another advantage of browsing through these sites is that you get an idea about different products and prices for comparison.

Exclusive Products

There are certain products which are only available in Pakistan through online shopping. For instance, branded beauty products, exclusive clothes, imported electronics etc.

Things you should be Careful of

 Even though online shopping is great, you should always be cautious about certain things.
  • In order to ensure the reliability of a website, always go for the ones which offer Cash on Delivery.
  • When your product is delivered, check it thoroughly. Some sites deliver used or defective products - my experience :( - so do not pay the delivery guy before you have checked your product inside out.
  • Do not give your personal information to anyone. Particularly if you are opting for cash on delivery; all they need is your address for the delivery and phone number for contact in case of any problem.  


Here are some of the websites you might be interested in for online shopping.

1. Daraaz

Click here to visit daraaz. It is a shop stop for clothes, jewellery and other accessories for both men and women. You will find different popular brands here. The best thing about this online shop is that other than free delivery and cash on delivery, you get free 7 day returns.

2. Just for Girls

Just for Girls is a paradise for us girls :D. You will find lotssssss of makeup products here. Other items include hair styling products, skin care products, perfumes and so on. There are imported brands here as well - something you will not find anywhere else in Pakistan.

Cash on Delivery is available for most of the products.

3. Fasilite

Men and women will both find charming accessories here including, replica watches, bags, wallets, belts, shirts etc. All the costs are reasonable. Pay a visit to Fasilite yourself to discover more.

4. Watchaholic

This one is my favorite and I have shopped here myself. Watchaholic offers a wide range of replica watches at affordable prices. Although these are replica watches, but the quality is extremely good. They do not look cheap at all.

My own experience shopping here was great. Availing the cash on delivery option, I payed when my watch was delivered to me.

Hope you guys get the same experience while shopping from one of these or any other online shop :).

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