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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Garnier BB Cream - is it a Beauty Miracle?

Garnier BB Cream - is it a Beauty Miracle?

Have you tried this popular cream yet? Well, calling it a cream is not appropriate. It is more like a fluid which acts as your moisturizer plus sunscreen plus foundation. The end result: A fairer looking complexion with a delightfully smoooooth skin. Yes, it definitely is a miracle which makes you look beautiful in just a few minutes.

Buttttt... wait a minute. It is not all that miraculous ;). You have to use a few tips and tricks to put it on properly. And you also have to select the right type for you - the thin tube or the fat little tube? 

Right when the product hit the market, I bought one for myself as I was attracted by what it promises. Plus it is also very affordable - just Rs. 399. So, I have been using it for quite some time and have assessed it quite well by now :).
This BB cream is an all-in-one beauty product and it acts as all of the following:
  • a moisturizer
  • a sunscreen
  • a foundation
  • a concealer
The product promises to brighten up your complexion and make your skin smooth in an instant. 

You will find two types of Garnier BB creams on the shelves. A thin tube and a smaller fat one. You can see them in this photo.
The two types of Garnier BB Creams on the Market
Both of them come with two shades of foundation: light and medium. I have used the light shade for both the creams. Here are the main differences between both.

The Thin Tube                                VS                            The  Fat Tube 

-Made in France                                                              - Made in Germany
-SPF 20                                                                          - SPF 15
-Comes with minerals                                                       -Comes with vitamin C
-Dries on the skin with a                                                   -Stays a little greasy
 matte effect
-Makes the complexion light                                             - Even the "Light" shade is a little dark
- Makes pores looks small                                                - Does not have any visible effect on pore
  and hides blemishes                                                           size or blemishes

So, here are my opinions. The thin tube is better if you want a lighter complexion and a matte effect. Plus, it also hides small marks and blemishes well in an instant. On the other hand, the cream in the fat tube remains a little greasy on your skin. It does not mask any spots and blemishes either. However, it moisturizes your skin better as compared to the thin tube which keeps your skin feeling dry.

Which Tube to Pick?

In a nutshell, the thin tube gives you a much better foundation and concealer while the fat tube gives you a better moisturizer. Which one are you looking for? You can find better moisturizers on the market, but an affordable instant concealer in this thin tube is a much better option.

A Better Foundation and Concealer

 Let me also share with you that after using for a few days, I felt that the fat tube was making my skin better. Maybe it is the vitamin C. On the other hand, the thin tube only gives you temporary beauty. When the cream comes off, you have your same old skin back with all its flaws just as prominent as before - large pores, blemishes, dark complexion ...But, i would say again that there are better moisturizers than the cream in the fat tube. You can spend your money better on better products out there.

A Better Moisturizer with Vitamin C

Well, now we know that if you are looking for an instant concealer, it is the thin tube you have to pick. it also makes your skin look lighter. One big drawback with the fat tube is that the cream makes you look tanned.

The problem with the thin tube, on the other hand, is that it makes your skin look too dry and flaky. It dries up on your skin too quickly and so is also very hard to spread on your face. It can form patches on your nose, around the lips and forehead, making the foundation appear too prominent. But these problems can be dealt with quite easily. As I have been using it for quite some time, I have learned a few tips and tricks :). Let me share them with you.

Tips and Tricks

Take a normal fluid moisturizer in the palm of your hand and mix some BB cream with it. Now apply this to your face. It will spread more easily and will not form any flakes or patches. Plus, your skin will not feel dry and uncomfortable as you will be using a moisturizer. I have used clean and clear moisturizer and I have also tried Olay's fluid moisturizer. You can use any face lotion of your choice provided it is non-greasy.

Apply the mixture in small dots on your face. Blend with your fingertips. Concentrate on one area of your face at a time. If you cover the entire face at the same time, the cream will dry up and will be harder to spread even after mixing a moisturizer with it.


After using the tips and tricks mentioned above, I have been using Garnier BB cream (the thin tube) quite effectively with the following results.
  • The complexion brightens up within an instant
  • Blemishes and dark spots become light
  • Fine lines are hidden
  • Overall, the skin looks smooth
What it Does NOT Do!
Garnier's BB cream is great. But, you should not expect too much from it. You should know that there are no long term effects. Plus, if you have an acne problem, the cream will not cover up your pimples. In fact, if there are any dry patches or pimples on your face, the cream makes them more prominent by flaking up around such areas.

So, the BB cream is a miracle only if you have minor flaws on your skin :)
Feel free to ask any question by commenting below. 

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