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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Quick Bar-B-Q Pizza

Here is the recipe for a quick Bar-B-Q pizza which needs no dough. Plus you can use any left over chicken for the topping instead of preparing from scratch. So, the pizza will be ready within 10 to 15 minutes :)
Enjoy your quick bar-b-q pizzas with delicious garlic bread - Click here for the recipe.

Here, pita bread is used for the base. The topping consists of left over chicken tikka pieces from previous night's dinner. However, if you do not have any left over chicken, I have given you a recipe below for preparing a quick topping :).

(I am not going to give you any measurements for the ingredients as you can vary them according to how many pizzas you are making - no hard and fast rules.)

  1. Bar-b-q sauce (key ingredient)
  2. Pita bread for the base
  3. Shredded cheddar cheese or cheese singles
  4. Mayonnaise 
  5. Chopped Capsicum
  6. Chopped Tomatos
  7. Corns (optional - you can use any other vegetable you like for the topping, like onions). 
  8. Oregano (optional - no worries if you don't have it in your kitchen cabinet)
  9. Chicken for the topping
For the Chicken filling
  1. Shredded Boiled Chicken
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Salt
  4. Black pepper
Preparing the Pizza
Let's prepare the chicken topping first. Mix the shredded boiled chicken with mayonnaise. Add salt and pepper for seasoning. There you go, the topping is ready. Only boiling the chicken will take time. Remember, the topping does not have to be too spicy. It is the bar-b-q sauce which will bring out the real taste. :)

You can take one large pita bread or small ones to make mini pizzas. Pour the bar-b-q sauce on the bread and then place your chicken topping over it. Now drizzle mayonnaise and sprinkle the assorted vegetables over it. Season with oregano. Finally, use pieces of cheese singles or shredded cheddar cheese as the final layer of the topic. Grease an oven dish with oil, place the pizzas in it and put in preheated oven.
Preparing the pizzas - chicken pieces placed over bar-b-q sauce base

 As the base and topping are already cooked, you don't need to keep the pizzas inside the oven for too long. Take them out as soon as the cheese on the top has melted. Leaving them in for tough long will make the break dry and tough. It should take around 10 minutes only :). 
Before going into the Oven :)

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