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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Food, Health and Beauty - an Introduction to My Blog

Food, Health and Beauty

So here we go... my very first post on this blog :). Let me give you folks an introduction about what this is all about. Food, health and beauty - three common interests which most women share. We love to cook, we want to live a healthy lifestyle and, of course, we all want to look beautiful! 

So I will post recipes for you, share health tips and cool beauty tips with you along with beauty product reviews. Wait, that's not all... there will be much more... discussing fashion trends, online shopping tips, restaurant reviews and even reviews on the latest gadgets in the tech world... I will keep you updated about almost everything you can possibly be interested in ;). 
Some of the beauty products reviewed by me - coming up soon

Now something about me... I am not a dedicated cooking teacher or a skillful makeup artist. I am just an ordinary person like you and want to share my own experiences with the other girls out there. The recipes that I have tried, the places I have visited, health topics I have researched ... I want to share all this with you, hoping to make some difference in your life ;).

Some of my cooking experiments ;)
So, keep checking for updates. I will keep posting new stuff every now and then. Hope you find it useful and enjoy it as well :) .. c ya!

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